Chocolate Mousse


Aeroplane Chocolate Mousse Mix (1 pack fills a large teacup/mug)

Thickened Cream


Blue Food Colouring (powder or gel works best)

Teacups (clear glass, or espresso glasses work best)



  1. Make mousse according to instructions on packet – ensure you’ve got enough Mousse Mix, cream and milk to suit the number of portions you wish to serve to your guests.

  2. After the initial 1 minute mixing of the mousse mix, cream and milk, split into two portions. Add a small amount of the blue food colouring to one portion.

  3. Mix chocolate portion for the further 4+ minutes. Then mix blue-coloured portion for a further 4+ minutes.

  4. Place into teacups/glasses for serving – you can layer mousse (you can use a piping bag or plastic bag with one corner cut off for this), or alternatively drop each colour mousse in with a spoon then lightly swirl with a small spatula or butter knife.

  5. Refrigerate before serving.