Give It Up for MND

Set yourself the ultimate challenge to support

people living with motor neurone disease


What Will You Give Up?

People living with motor neurone disease face challenges each and every day. The fast-progressing nature of the disease also means they have had to give up many of the hobbies, favourite foods, sports and favourite family activites they previously enjoyed.

To raise awareness of the impact motor neurone has on people experiencing it, their families and carers, and to raise much-needed funds so MND NSW can continue to provide the support, information and equipment they need, what will you give up?

Whether it's giving up your glorious mullet, skipping the junk food, abstaining from alcohol for a month, or giving up your shopping habit for the next few weeks, you can set your very own personal challenge and get started now!

Create Your Challenge

How your support is helping

There is currently no cure for motor neurone disease, so MND NSW is there to assist at every stage of a person's MND journey.

With the vast majority of our funding coming from the generosity and efforts of our community fundraisers, every dollar you raise is going to an important cause.

Become a Star Supporter

Every dollar counts, and no matter how much you raise for MND NSW as part of your Give It Up for MND challenge, you're helping people living with MND.

But if you'd like to take your support to the next level, you can also score yourself some amazing prizes!

Make a donation to a challenger

Want to support someone taking part in Give it Up for MND? Whether it's a little or a lot, they'll appreciate your donation to help them beat the challenge!

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