Give It Up for MND

What will you give up?

What Will You Give Up in 2024?

People living with motor neurone disease face challenges each and every day. The fast-progressing nature of the disease also means they have had to give up many of the hobbies, favourite foods, sports and favourite family activites they previously enjoyed.

In 2024 we are asking you to give up something and raise awareness and much needed funds to support people living with MND.

Whether it's giving up your glorious mullet, skipping the junk food, going alcohol free for a month, or giving up your shopping habit for the next few weeks, you can set your very own personal challenge and get started now!

Create Your Challenge

Nigel and Maddox teamed up to cut off their mullets and raised over $10,000

How it Works

Create Your Challenge

Decide on what you will give up and register your challenge online. Personalise your fundraising page with the story fo what you are giving up and why and update your fundraising target.

Spread the Word

Share the link to your fundraising page with your family and friends to let them know about your fundraising efforts. Ask everyone you know to donate to your page and see your fundraiser grow.

Raise Money and Have Fun

Have fun completing your challenge and keep everyone up to date through social media and on your fundraising page knowing that everyday you are helping to raise awareness of MND.

People Giving It Up for MND