Cycling for my hero, Grandma Denise

By Imogen Taylor

Help me support MND NSW

In memory of my beloved Grandma Denise (1943-2022), I will be taking on Otago Rail Trail Challenge - spending 6 days cycling 150km along the South Island of New Zealand to raise much needed funds for people living with motor neurone disease. 

My Grandma loved to travel and do fit activities and she always said we should explore and experience the world, so in honour of her I will be participating in this challenge on my 21st birthday. 

There is currently no cure for MND and i would not want anyone to loose themselves and suffer through immense pain each day like I know Denise, myself and my family did throughout the 3 years. No one deserves to face this. 

My Grandma meant the world to me, she was my angel, my best friend and we had such a special bond - she was my biggest supporter so now lets support MND NSW in memory of my beautiful angel.

Research has shown some interventions can help people diagnosed with MND to live more comfortably. People who have been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) face a multitude of losses during the progression of this incurable and fatal disease. Loss of the ability to move independently or to communicate with people can be minimised through the use of specialised pieces of equipment. Equipment loaned by MND NSW not only improves the quality of life for people with MND but also the quality of life for their carers, which I can say helped my Grandma, my pop, her carers and the family. 

By donating to my challenge to take on the Otago Rail Trail Challenge 2022, you can help MND NSW raise
vital funds to provide essential services, equipment and support for people living with motor neurone disease in NSW, the ACT and NT.

Your support is vital, so MND NSW can continue to be there for people living with motor neurone disease at every stage of their MND journey.

Thank you all for supporting me whilst I cycle to defeat MND! I love you Grandma xoxo

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Good on you Imogen 💕



Go Imogen xx



Cash deposit for Norma - Greggs Mum



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Jodie Feeney

So proud of you Imogen Xx


Marg Stott

Grandma Denise would be so proud of the beautiful, thoughtful being you are xox


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Your grandma would be so proud of you.


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so proud of you always xx


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So proud of you, this is amazing!!


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This is a beautiful way to honour your Grandmother Imogen! Praying for you Much love Liz xx


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Grandma would be so proud x


Janine Smith

Just when you think you have had enough, pedal again you can do it.


Amanda & Nigel Lock


Robyn Wilson

Hi Imogen I remember how lovely and kind your grandmother Denise was to me when I spent Christmas 2014 with you all at your home. I lost a dear cousin aged 40 from MND so I know the tragedy of it all. Wonderful to see you are being positive in this. Much love Robyn


Melissa Paul


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Sending you love


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So proud of you, go well xx


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A beautiful Lady it was a privilege to have known her.


Kerry Smith


Maureen And David Moore

What a beautiful relationship you had with Denise.She would be so proud of you cycling in New Zealand.We chose to donate a dollar for each year of Denises life as we really enjoyed her and support for your trip Maureen and Davidxx


Jourdan And Joshua Douglas/hewett


Dianne & Leo Portelli

To our beautiful sister Denise whose life was cut short by this brutal disease


Chontelle & Dean Douglas


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Best of luck Imogen, what a great way to honor your Grandma.


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Well done Imogen, a lovely gesture for your beautiful grandmother xx


Imogen Taylor