Otago Rail Trail, Ride for MND

By Jarrad Rawlins

Help me support MND NSW

Motor Neurone Disease -  affecting particular nerves and muscles which cause a person not to be able to walk, move, speak, eat and eventually respiratory distress and then death. This disease is terminal and there is no cure.


In 2020, my dad was diagnosed with this horrific disease. I started as his main carer, helping him manage day to day activities such as, showering, taking him to the toilet, feeding him his meals and even simple tasks as blowing his nose for him or giving him a drink. As the disease progressed at a fast rate, dad was unable to do anything for himself, and had to be assisted with a cough machine and suction of his saliva. By December of the same year he was totally incapable and needed 24 hour care. The dad that had taught me to ride a bike, play soccer with me, take me to school and my first job, go on holidays with, no longer was able to do anything, but lay in a bed and wait for MND to take his last breath. “A life lost before death”

By completing the Otago Rail Trail, 6 day bike ride through New Zealand, I pledge to raise funds to help other families that will experience the same pain and suffering that is to come with being diagnosed.

Research has shown some interventions can help people diagnosed with MND to live more comfortably. People who have been diagnosed with motor neurone disease face a multitude of losses during the progression of this incurable and fatal disease. 

By donating to my challenge to take on the Otago Rail Trail Challenge 2022, you can help MND NSW raise vital funds to provide essential services, equipment and support for people living with motor neurone disease in NSW, the ACT and NT.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Marie /sharon

Thinking of our beloved mark in 2023.


Gwen Skeers

Love auntie Gwen and uncle John xx



Ride well, stay safe, good luck.


Jane Stapleton

All the best with the ride, what a truly beautiful family you are and how proud Mark would be of you all


Sharyn, Todd, Luke

Keep on pedaling.





Louise & Melissa


Margaret Sutcliffe

Good luck


Donna Namdaran Reynolds

This is a wonderful thing you are doing in your fathers memory. I hope you all have a lot of fun.


Jennifer Lynch

good luck with the ride in NZ


Deb & Geoff, Woronora


Wendy Jeffery

Good luck and best wishes Jarrad. Love Aunty Wendy and Uncle Ray


Lisa Baldacchino


Brenda Mccoy

Dear Jarrad, This is a neat way to honor your dad. We are proud of you and wish you well on the ride. We are thinking of you and your whole family! XOXO Brenda and Richard


Martin Pritchard


Carol Pritchard


Kath & Paul

In loving memory of Mark xx



To Jarrad lots of love Grandma xx💙🚴🏻‍♂️


Marie & Friends


Robyn Wymer


Sharon Campbell

Good luck Jarrad have lots fun love auntie shaz 🤠🤘


Joan Mccoy

Your dad would be so proud. Great effort. xx



All the best for your ride


Marie Campbell

Lots of love. Grandma.🚴🏻‍♂️


Tyler Ho

Sending love and strength your way! What an amazing cause!


Holsworthy High School

For Jarrad in loving memory of Mark xoxo


Jenni Kirillov

What a wonderful thing you are doing to help others who are suffering with MND and to honour your Dad's memory. He would be so proud of you. x


Susan Gray


Norma & Doug Emery

Jarrad we are so proud of you for undertaking the ride in you Dad's memory. Enjoy the ride, sending you our best wishes for a great adventure and a good strong breeze to push you along.


Janelle Schultz

Dad, as we are would be so proud of you Jarrad, well done for your commitment to this important cause


Dylan Pf


Jeff And Lyn Simpson

Just a donation to help you reach your Goal.


Leah Wheeler

All the best for the fundraiser and the big ride!


Victoria Maran



gggg luc :-) have a fwesh ride everyone ! psy-cling 4evaa 🦋💨💨💨


Esther Bae


Joel Lum


Greg Reiman

Goodluck! Safe travel, excellent cause. Xo




Marie /sharon

Good luck proud of you. PA


Baby Daniel


Pilar Radford

Your Dad will be proud of you Jarrad.