In Memory of Kathleen I Jones (Cormie)

By Kristen Jones

Part 1 My Battle with MND

Where do I begin, well it was during our move from Fairfield to Kiama that Mum hurt her foot and that pain never went away so once we were in Kiama (don't know how late in 97 or early 98 when Mum was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease). Firstly with motor neurone disease it's a degenerative disease the muscles waste and in my mum's case it was her legs that was the first thing to go.  

It would have to be in 1998 Mum was unable to stand for very long or even walk.  Can't remember at what point but when my mum clearly was unable to shower herself this is when I had to. That first time I had to shower my mum it was so hard for the both of us, but maybe more for her.

So during that time of showering my mum I then would also have to help with showering and all that it emcompasses (at one stage where Mum could not stand or walk so had to use a lifter)  I would lift my mum from the chair that she was sitting on, then lifting her to the shower chair and then roll that into the bathroom.

 So after showering mum after that I would have to dry her and dress her so again was this late 1997 ?. I had to do this or was this early in 98. Mum and I moved here in Kiama in 97 and I vaguely remember I think it was October so that would mean that in 1998 I would have done a lot more caring for Mum housework and cooking but those things I really can't remember.

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