Recipe Ideas

Quick Caramel Tarts

Need a DT4MND treat in a hurry? Pop together these caramel tarts in next to no time! Pairs nicely with Chai tea, Black tea, or English Breakfast tea.

Chocolate Mousse

with an MND twist

A delectable chocolate mousse adds a classy touch to your DT4MND event! The added blue mousse makes it a perfect addition to your blue-themed DT4MND. This mousse pairs nicely with strained iced peach, berry, or raspberry tea.

Lemon myrtle &
coconut muffins

Native Australian bush food lemon myrtle, combined with dreamy tropical coconut, give these muffins a unique taste. Pairs nicely with Australian Breakfast tea, Jasmine Green tea, or Lemon Myrtle tea.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

They're gluten-free, sugar-free, easy to make, and full of yummy peanut goodness. Pairs well with Earl Grey, Australian Afternoon or Irish Breakfast tea.